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BHC Ltd was formed in 1992 with a capacity to fabricate 30 tonnes of structural steel per week. Since then continuous improvements and investments in our plant and staff

have enabled us to expand our fabrication facilities.

This means we now have the capacity to process 600 tonnes of structural steel per week to service the agricultural, health, education, industrial, commercial, power, gas and oil markets. All produced in a state-of-the-art production facility.

The People

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Key to the development of our company is our commitment to the formation of close working relationships with our clients and design teams and this philosophy is extended to our suppliers and sub-contractors.

BHC Ltd. employs over 200 people, to provide a full-service facility including: Estimating; Design; Detailing; Fabrication; Steel Erection; Netting; Edge Protection; Metal Decking; Stud Welding; Cladding; Concreting and Building Works.

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Manufacturing Facilities and Plant

Our manufacturing facilities and plant are located in a recently extended 40 acre site. This includes 7.3 acre manufacturing facility: 29,416m. We also have 14 state-of-the-art automated CNC machines and an intumescent paint shop.

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Sustainability at BHC

We currently have 10 Biomass Units installed at our base in Carnwath to heat our offices, workshop and paint facility using locally sourced timber and woodchips. Our first 12 months have generated 4.6 million KW of heat that would have been otherwise generated using fossil fuels such as Gas or Oil.

In October 2015 we installed and commissioned our 500KW Wind turbine. This has produced 947,000 KWH or an average of 118,375 KWH per month. Therefore our estimated annual usage of electric is 1.6 million KWH or 133,000 KWH per month. This means we are already 90% self-sufficient on electric and close to achieving our goal of 100%.

Biomass and Wind Turbine

BHC Certifications

BHC Certifications